There is a lot of good stuff to shop in Yaba/Tejuosho market but I don’t look forward to going there. One very annoying thing about this place is the behavior of the male vendors commonly known as “Yaba boys”. I respect their hustle but they do the absolute most.

I’d just share some of their annoying characteristics that most people I’m sure can relate with. Some are general attributes of Lagos traders while some are so typical of “Yaba boys”.

10 annoying attributes of Yaba boys

1. No respect for personal space

You can never go to Yaba market and come back happy, they would frustrate you, you’d regret ever going to the market. It’s so annoying how they touch, harass, grope and coerce people, ladies especially, hoping to “drag” them to their store even if one is not interested in their items.

Don’t get me started on how they follow people about, cat call and even assault people. if you react, they would all join force to resort to insult and body shame you. You’d hear things like “ashawo” “You no even fine” “See your wowo legs” e.t.c.

2. They are absolutely unreasonable

I have tried to be nice and politely decline their offers but that has never stopped them from raining insults on me. After the market march that held some months back (Kudos to everyone involved), I’ve been to Yaba a couple of times and nothing has changed.

3. The “sales marketers”

These ones have no physical store. All they do is roam about and get customers for those that have stores based on mutual agreement, I guess. This is common with those that sell second hand clothes. Be very careful with these people because they have a cut so automatically the price of the item is inflated.

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4. Haggle at your own risk

When they tell you a price and ask you to name yours, if you know that you really cannot afford the item even if the price goes down a little, just keep it moving before it’s too late. Name the price you have in mind and they will drag you to Timbuktu and back.

5. The curtain sellers that shove their photo albums in people’s faces

I really don’t understand how they assume that every passerby is there to shop or that they don’t know what exactly they are there to buy. I know they are trying to advertise but can they just be civil about it.

If I’m there for curtains, I would go straight to the stall and if I don’t know the stall, I can see your album already, let me come to you, you don’t have to shove your albums in my face. It’s so annoying.

6. The annoying pet names:

Everyone is “their colour, baby, angel well, until you ignore them. They’d switch up on you and call you all sorts of nasty names.

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7. They are sometimes annoyingly “die hard” and greedy

They’d rather walk the length of the whole market than tell you that they don’t have the item you ask for. This sounds good until they go for about 30 minutes, come back with something else and still try to convince you that it is the same. e.g, Ask for a dungarees trouser and watch them go all the way to bring you a jumpsuit.

8. Everybody is their “customer”

It doesn’t matter if they have never seen you before or you have never shopped with them before, your first name becomes “customer” immediately you pass through their stall.

9. You are not allowed to change your mind

If you step foot in their stall, you either patronize them or risk being embarrassed or even accused of theft. It doesn’t matter if you end up not liking everything presented to you, you just have to buy something.

10. The Hausa “gold merchants and Bureau de change”

These ones are on a different level of annoying. Sometimes when they approach me and talk about changing dollars or buying gold, it appears like an insult and in my head I scream “Cant you see I’m broke, don’t angry me please”. LOL. That’s a personal “problem” I know, I know but they also touch people anyhow which is annoying🙄.


Have you ever been to Yaba market? Can you relate? Do share your experiences if you can.