I used to be a “physical book or nothing else” kind of person, I only started reading ebooks because I couldn’t carry a book everywhere especially big books that can’t fit into some type of bags.

I thought of listening to audiobooks as cheating because I mean, if you’re not seeing the prints are you actually reading?! I was wrong. I think each creates different experiences but leads to the same destination. The important thing is comprehension.


I was fascinated by how my friend, @booksxnaps listens to audiobooks and how it helped her to read more books so I thought to give it a try but it didn’t work because I get so easily distracted and carried away and I wasn’t really feeling it. 

Then @dasience talked about audiobooks on one of her Instagram posts and I was encouraged by the comments. So, I picked it up again and that was it. I started by listening to a book read by the author of the book herself and I absolutely enjoyed it.



– Multitasking

Audiobooks help you multitask. Listening to audiobook means you can read a book while you do other things- drive, cook, clean and enjoyably so.

Regardless of what you’re doing, if you’d rather be reading, then audiobooks for the win.

– It aids concentration and improves listening skills

Concentrating on the book you are listening to can make you a better listener. Listening to people- friends, family, colleagues is an amazing skill to have, the more you listen to audiobooks, the more your listening skills improve so why not use that as an avenue while you enjoy a good book.

– It can help people that find it hard to read become better readers

Some people struggle to read and they don’t find reading worthwhile. Listening to audiobooks can be a good alternative and it can make them want to give reading a try. 

– Enjoy more books more often.

You can listen to audiobooks when your eyes are occupied but your mind is free. You can listen in transit while waiting while exercising. Those little bits of time add up and you end up “reading” many more books that way.

– Listen to book authors tell the story themselves

Listening to the author read the book to you is a really different experience”s super cool. I find it more intimate and genuine. It can be easier to really get into the book when you hear the voice of the characters in the story come alive.

– No light? No problem

Unlike physical books, you can listen to audiobooks in the dark. Do you have a partner, roommate or visitor that can’t sleep with the light on and you still want to read at night? Be a good host/partner/roommate, use audiobooks.

– Audiobooks help with learning, languages and pronunciation

Reading in a new language can be tough. Audiobooks help a great deal in actually hearing the language the right way and getting the right vocabulary and pronunciation.

My last read, Here Comes The Sun is a Jamaican novel with a number of patois. Reading in patois was quite tough, stressful and a little hard to comprehend even though it had some English words. Listening to a narrator read those parts would have made it easier to comprehend and help me to really appreciate the beauty of the language.

– Speed

With audiobooks, you can speed up or slow down the reader’s pace. If the narrator is unusually slow, you can speed up the pace and vice versa.

– Audiobooks are easy to “carry” about

You don’t need to carry physical books all around. You can listen to audiobooks on your smartphone and you are almost always likely to go everywhere with your phone, no extra weight and it doesn’t take up extra space in your bag or pocket. So, you can always be with a book wherever you go.


1. The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo – the narration was great, it made the characters come alive.

2. I Don’t Belong To You – Read by the author herself. I’m a fan of Keke Palmer. I love her voice and how genuine it felt hearing her read the book herself.

Do you listen to audiobooks? No? You should give it a try.