I got this big box of goodness book from @bookgiftco  you already know how I feel about books and everything book related. So you can imagine the excitement and joy I felt on receiving this box.

It contains really lovely book accessories that every book lover would love to own.  


• PACKAGING: I love the packaging of the box. It’s a thick black box wrapped around with a gold ribbon and places inside a black fancy carrier bag. It’s just a perfect gift package for a book lover.

• PERSONALIZED NOTE: It came with a note that has my name on it, I think that’s thoughtful and it made me feel really important 😁  

• BOOK SLEEVE: Soft but well padded to cushion books well. It has an outer pouch for pen, book and a small journal. I like the size, it can house two books at a time and of course the adire print is everything 😍.

• TOTE BAG: A black medium sized tote bag that can conveniently carry a number of books and other items. “Book vibes only” is a whole mood 😁.

• MUG AND HANDMADE SOY SCENTED CANDLE: There is something about reading in a cosy environment with scented candles and a cup of coffee. It takes one from reality right into the magical world of the books you’re reading. Don’t you just love that “bookaholic” inscription on the mug?!

Oh, the smell of that candle, divine!

• LIBRARY SCENTED HANDMADE SOAP: If you like the smell of new books or books generally, then you’d love this soap. It feels like smelling books, the same effect. 

• HANDCRAFTED JOURNAL: It’s also really neat and well bound and as a huge lover of African prints, I’m totally in love with the damask cover of the journal. If you’re going to go around with a journal, make it a statement.

• BOOKMARK: The bookmark is hard but not too thick so it stays within the book perfectly. Avoid struggling to remember the last page you were on and dog-earring your books, get a bookmark.

BookGiftCo is a luxury gift brand for book lovers. They provide people who love books with cute knick knacks and book accessories to enhance the reading experience.

Check them out on Instagram @bookgiftco