“if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail’  

After my hang out at the beach, I got some questions from a number of people about the planning and organization. So I thought to share with you.

Spot my pen and journal?

Here are a few tips for organizing a hangout, meet up, friends time out, road trip etc. especially if you are lookina g to make profit, no matter how little.   

• WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING: Get a book or jotter for this particular purpose. Have a plan and be organized. Write down everything, your plans, ideas, estimates, name of attendees, every information, ideas, if you don’t write them down, there is a chance that you might forget.

• DON’T SHORT CHANGE YOURSELF: Make sure you find out the prices of everything you need for the trip first, be very sure to factor every amount in, make calculations for every single thing. Try and get different prices from different vendors, so you can choose the one that works best for you.   Don’t put a fee based on your own rough estimate (what you think the price should be) or what someone told you, prices fluctuate everytime. Get your prices first, then add miscellaneous expenses before you come up with a fee for the event.  

• HAVE A SPECIFIC CAPACITY: Know the number of people you want at your event. The number of people you know that you can conveniently handle is a factor to consider. As much as you want to make money, it’s very important to be able to cater to everyone and also enjoy yourself, so don’t go beyond your limits.

• WORK WITH TRUSTED VENDORS: Work with vendors you trust, it can either be based on recommendations or good testimonials but above all trust your instincts. Some of these vendors are terrible, they can mess up your event  

• DON’T PAY IN FULL BEFORE SERVICE IS RENDERED You can pay half the amount first, then balance up later. E.g, I paid for the boat ride after we had gone to and from the beach to avoid stories that touch 😁  

• PAYMENT VALIDATES A SPOT: Don’t work with just interests, work with the number of people that pay per time. A lot of people would show interest and genuinely want to participate but things come up/people change their minds, it happens to the best of us so it’s fine really but for the sake of your organization and planning, don’t rely on interests.   

• KNOW YOUR VENUE/DESTINATION: Make sure you get enough information about the venue. Basically know the place you’re taking people to, if it would be conducive for you all. If you have never been there, make enquires or better still, go there and see things for yourself, it’s very important.  

COMMUNICATE: Get the contact of everyone participating and make sure you get information across to every participant, state the time and let them know all they need to know about the event, the trip and the venue. It’s also okay to call/reach out to them after the event.  

• SEND PERSONALIZED MESSAGES Go the extra mile, send personalized messages or invites/tickets. Let them know how glad you are to hang out with them. It makes people feel important and welcomed.  

• WEATHER: If you are going for an outdoor event, you need to put the weather into consideration.   

• BE A GOOD HOST: Be patient, accommodating and relate with EVERYONE. While the event is on, you want to make sure that everyone is comfortable. Talk to people, ask them if they are comfortable especially those that are not actively participating.   

• DELEGATE: If you have your friends on board, ask for help, delegate duties especially if it’s non-profit based e.g hangout with friends.  

• PRAY: At the end of the day, Except the Lord builds the house, the labourers build in vain. Commit every aspect of the event into God’s hands and trust him to make everything go well.   

I hope you find these tips helpful. Have you ever organized an event? Share more tips below.  P.S: The hangout was a success and it was super fun, check here or #TLGHangout highlight on my Instagram  @thatlagosgirl