Hey guys,

It’s your girl, Fadekemi, That Lagos Girl in the building🎤 😂.

Wedding is over now and we’re back to normal programming! It was nothing short of AH-MAZING!!! So lit, I wish we could have a part 2. Yeah, I had that much fun! I created a highlight on my instagram page for the wedding, you can check it here.

So guys, I moved to another city!

Yeah, That Lagos Girl is now in THE PACESETTER State.

“Moving to a new place is always exciting and unnerving at the same time – the opportunity for a fresh start vs. the insecurities of the unknown. Moving to a new area alone, however, is a whole different level of overwhelming – stepping out of your comfort zone is not only daunting but utterly terrifying. Yet, it’s a chance to find your true self, learn to stand on your own, and build the life you want”.


ibadan 2Photo: google

You’d think that moving would be a very difficult decision to make, I mean for someone that is from Lagos State and has lived the most part of her life in Lagos, it should be, right?! but in all honesty, it really wasn’t. With all the stress, traffic palava in Lagos at the time, I just wanted out!

I never imagined living anywhere else, not for any particular reason but because Living in Lagos was the only life I really knew. It took going to school in a different state to realize that “Lagos is not the only state in Nigeria” and people live and thrive in other places.

IMG_5511📍: Agodi Garden, Ibadan

I love Lagos, there’s a lot to do, it’s a city of great opportunities and the headquarter of all things fun but over time, I have come to realize that living and working in Lagos is too much unhealthy lifestyle for me! The hustle and bustle leaves one with no room/energy to even have fun.

Although, I thought about how it would affect my brand- content creation/ influencing and all but then how much is it really gonna change. It’s social media/the internet afterall and Lagos is pretty close so I can always breeze in and breeze out, so if you have any gig that requires my physical presence, bring it on, I’m available.

Anyways, here we are, live in Ibadan!


My experience so far

So far, so good! It’s been super chill, I get bored sometimes because new environment but it’s been really good. I have not made any friends here, I don’t do that easily but I’m open to making meaningful connections. I really miss my family, my friends and all our shenanigans😆.

There is no language barrier, transportation is quite affordable, there really is no traffic problem and contrary to what you have heard, Ibadan is civilized but I must quickly add, these Ibadan people can insult!!!🤣 if you wouldn’t patronize them, don’t bother asking about their products, infact haggling is pushing it.

Things I hope to do here

  • Get a job

I’m still a Pharmacist oh and money is needed in this life, “man must to chop”, so I’m working towards getting a job and I hope to get a good one soon.

  • Explore

I have a few places to visit on my list and I really cannot wait to create amazing content here. I’m also open to every opportunity that comes my way but the little challenge is that I need company, someone that has my kind of “eyes”. I guess I’d also have to learn to do “solo trips”.

This experience has taught me that I can live and thrive anywhere. It’s not always about the “where” but about who I really am in all of these places.

I’m ThatLagosGirl (i’d always be) reporting live from Ibadan. I just might be in a different location soon, who knows!😁 (a girl’s allowed to dream, right?!) and write about that also, hopefully!

Cheers to life, living and thriving everywhere we are planted.


Do you know places I can explore and fun things to do here in Ibadan? Please share in the comment section, I’d love to know!


*palava- Problem

*oh- exclamation; used for emphasis