When I have to travel a long distance especially places that can only be accessed by road, I think twice and ask myself “is it really worth it”. When I see people get all excited about going on road trips, I just can’t relate because I don’t know what the fuss is really about.   There is nothing interesting about sitting for so long in a confined space with several other people (God help you if you have motion sickness), staring out the window to look at just trees, getting low signals at several points, I mean, on my last road trip to Ibadan, my audiobook was meant to be my companion but it suddenly stopped as we got to a place with terrible signal.

It can be so boring, I try to read but then it doesn’t work every time as I get really antsy and feel like “can we just get to our destination already”. I’m also already thinking of how I’d have to do the same thing- sit and endure the journey on my way back.   

I can’t drink water or any form of liquid anyhow even when I feel dehydrated because even if the driver decides to stop on the road, it’s a huge problem urinating by the roadside.  

Then there’s my mum that would call 10 times in one hour because of paranoia. Lol, bless her. Road trips have some perks. It’s really cost-effective, I also take pictures of things that I find fascinating on the road.

Maybe I just need to go on road trips with friends to really enjoy it but I think I’m just one of those people that road trips are not made for. I think the longest I’ve been on the road is 6-7hours there about and it was even annoying because it was a trip from Ibadan to Lagos but the traffic on the expressway that day was really terrible.

I’d still go on more road trips but it’d be for lack of other options. Do you like road trips? What’s the longest road trip you have ever taken?