For someone that isn’t so much of a Tv/movie fan, I think I have watched quite a number of movies for a month. Thanks to quarantine, it’s been Netflix “binge partaay” among other things which I’d probably also share soon. 

For now, let’s talk about movies I have recently watched on Netflix while I share MY thoughts on them with ratings and recommendations. 

Here goes…

•American Son



Highly Recommended!

Strong plot! Incredible Acting!
This movie sheds light on this topic of Racism. Maybe we don’t feel it as much in this part of the world but watching these type of movies, reading books about it makes my blood boil ‘cause I’d truly never understand why one’s skin color/race is such a big deal and how it makes you less of a human. I just cannot imagine what black people experiencing this are really going through. 

You should totally watch this movie and oh, Kerry Washington is such a brilliant actor!

•Always A Bridesmaid




I think this is an okay movie but it shouldn’t have been classified a rom-com, ‘cause I personally didn’t see the comedy aspect, it wasn’t that funny. Other than that, it’s nice- a few lessons to learn and love to feel, so If you love love, this one is for you.

•Miracle In Cell No. 7



Highly Recommended

This is the most emotional of them all. This movie had me in my feelings. The unconditional love between a child and her autistic father- how innocent, how pure, how so simple it is.

•Alakada Reloaded



Not Recommended

First, Toyin Abraham is one actor I respect. She knows her craft and she embodies every role given to her so well and I think she did that with Alakada 1.

I guess that was why I felt Alakada reloaded won’t be a bad idea for some comic relief this season. It ended in what? Premium tears 😭.

This movie was a waste of my time and data. Star studded for nothing. I hear that there is another “Fate of Alakada” coming after this. My question is WHY???





One question that this movie left on my mind was “How do people mastermind evil so perfectly and CONVENIENTLY?”.

I totally enjoyed watching this movie. It reminds me of the movie “John Q” (A fave!)

•Girls Trip




It’s funny, super enjoyable, good storyline and it screams Girl Power ✊🏾.

I’m such a sucker for (female) friendships so I enjoyed this movie and I cannot wait to go on that trip with my best girls😁 .

•Slow Country




For a Nigerian movie, the action is really believable, kudos to the production team on that and the storyline is not bad at all.

I also enjoyed seeing places I’m really familiar with in the movie. Hehe! 😄🤪

•All The Bright Places



Mildly Recommended

I read nice reviews about this movie but for me, it is just another okay movie. It dragged a bit but it is quite enjoyable. You should see it (for yourself).

•Self Made



Highly Recommended

This is a very empowering and inspiring movie, so many business and life lessons to learn. I don’t quite agree with some of her decisions but Madam Walker is an inspiration in so many ways.

•Freshman Year



The storyline is basic. I get the message but even that is not strong enough, I think this movie would appeal to teenagers though- so, Recommended for Teenagers.

•Seven And A Half Dates



Mildly Recommended!

Simple and straightforward with a clear message. Although, the movie lacked energy for the most part, I still enjoyed watching it.

•Spenser Confidential




Good storyline with a nice twist. The action and end is “too easy” in my opinion but you’d enjoy it nonetheless.




Highly Recommended!

Any movie by the Kendrick Brothers? Count me in. I absolutely love this movie and I’m definitely watching it again (I rarely rewatch movies). It’s such a timely watch and it answered a lot of questions on my mind.

When “Who You Say I Am” came on, Yo! It hit different.

A 10/10 watch for me.

•Love Wedding Repeat




Waste of time and data. This movie has no business being on Netflix. That’s all!

•Someone Great



2 stars for the love of female friendships. Other than that, this movie is a NO for me. The storyline is just “bleh”.





It’s funny how this movie that was released in 2011 is a perfect description of what’s happening on in our world now.

If you already overwhelmed with the COVID-19 situation going on, you might want to pass on this one.

•All Saints




Great message!

I still have a list of movies I’m yet to watch, so I guess I’d have to keep updating this post or make this in parts.  Pls, stick around, let’s see how that goes 😉.

Have you seen any of these movies? Which of my rating do you agree/disagree with? What are your thoughts?

Please recommend other movies on Netflix that you find interesting.