The disappointments, highs and lows, accomplishments/wins and lessons learnt.

Did you just roll your eyes and say what’s this talk about 2018?! Haha! It’s February already, I know, I know but I just had a moment of personal reflection and all I could do was write, so I thought to share my 2018 experience here- the highs and the lows, little accomplishments and lessons learnt.   I entered into 2018 with so much enthusiasm and excitement. Oh, I had plans, beautiful plans but…

2018 switched up on me really bad, I invested in some projects that didn’t yield. I was broke half the time but life still had to go on. I missed out on a number of things, I couldn’t do so many things I had planned, some things I would have loved to do to improve myself and my brand but I had to push them aside because “No money”.

Some people had funny expectations of me but in this life “I no dey do pass myself”. I wouldn’t claim to have what I don’t have or claim to be what I’m not and I think that’s one of the things that has helped me so far- being myself without trying to impress. One day, I will talk about how people expect so much of you because of who you are related to or connected with. I digress but yeah🙂.

Then there was the “heartbreak” from moving back to Lagos from Abuja because I got called for an interview which I passed, got the employment letter, did medical tests and all that was left was to be given a resumption date, hmmm, maybe next year sha.

Lol!  I sent several emails and got no response. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t disappointed but being the kind of person I am, I moved on quickly- ain’t nobody got time to stress over things they can’t change, haha! To be honest, it made feel even less passionate about Pharmacy in this country which I already had some issues with (a story for another day).

There’s a lot to say but I’m grateful to God that through it all, I never lost my joy. Moreso, thinking gives me terrible chest pain, so even if I wanted to, I just couldn’t because “I can’t come and kill myself by myself”.   I choose to revel in the good parts and celebrate the seemingly little things that made my year great.

In 2018;

• I was reassured of God’s amazing love for me and it made me love myself really hard. I felt so at peace even in the midst of the storm. I found happiness from within and I really enjoyed my own company.

• I found myself- I stopped seeking validation from people and I felt no need to impress. I became fully aware of who I was, found me and I was just that- I still am.  

• I discovered a lot of things that I didn’t know I had in me, stepped out of my comfort zone severally and I finally took the bold step and launched THAT LAGOS GIRL brand, switched my personal Instagram account to @thatlagosgirl which I had been running anonymously since 2017. This is one of the best decisions I took in 2018 and it’s been a great ride.

• I started this blog which I never thought that I’d ever do because I wasn’t really expressive and I never saw myself as someone that could write. When people say that they love how I write and when I read the things I write sometimes, I just smile and say to myself “did you really write that?!”. I’m not even the best writer yet and I’ve not been so consistent here but for where I’m coming from, I think where I am now is worth celebrating.

• I became more confident and comfortable in my skin.

• I cut my hair again and this time I added spice to it. I went “Tetuila” if you know, you know. Haha!

• I became more expressive, not only in writing but also in speaking up against what’s wrong, standing for what’s right and stating my opinion without cowering- open to correction but firm and not to be silenced.

• I hosted a fun hangout which was successful and went on several adventures and did a lot of fun things (my Instastory fam know this. lol).

• I unlearned a lot of things, gained a lot more knowledge on the things I thought I knew and learnt new things about life, my environment, the society e.t.c.

• I travelled to Dubai and I had a great time, I’m definitely going back.

• In addition to the awesome friends I have, I met amazing people in 2018. It’s really great to see how much these people do and how far they can go for me and how through them I have been blessed in several ways.  

• I read more books than I have ever read in a year, 41 books guys. I planned to read 50 but 41 is not bad, I guess.  

• I became a brand ambassador, Me! such a big deal. Shout out to everyone that helped me win the contest to Wilson’s Lemonade Juice company for the opportunity.  

• I became present in my own life and I truly lived and enjoyed every moment. 

• And yes, my friends made big moves and did great things.   I could go on and on but in all, I have grown and I keep evolving.I’m not where I thought I’d be or where I want to be but I’m an amazingly different person than I was in 2017 when I seemingly had “so much”. I’m glad that in all of these, I discovered so many beautiful things about myself than I ever did and that through it all, God was my sustenance.”Broke” but not broken!!!  


• Nobody has it all together we all go through different things at different stages in life, we all have our  down moments but there are some things we can’t change even if we tried and sometimes we go through these things to become better, like Gold going through fire to become what makes it precious and priceless. In those times, all you have to do is trust God to bring you out of the “fire” unburned.

• When you don’t have it all together, focus on the good, no matter how little it appears-knowing that God has it all together for you. It can be hard, really hard but choosing to remain “down” wouldn’t change a thing, only God can.

• Let your happiness come from within and not just from people or things, such that when they are not there, you are genuinely happy regardless.   -Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, you’d be surprised at the amazing things that happen outside your “space”.

• Be yourself, this may sound cliche but it is what it is. Let people see you and love you for who you truly are.

• Live!!! Time passes and you are so worried about where you want to be or where you think you should be that you forget to enjoy the moment that you have now other than worry about tomorrow that you cannot see.  


At the beginning of the year, I had no resolutions, no expectations, I just gave it God trusting him to do what he pleases with my life. I must say that things are becoming clearer and I can see God at work already- I got two online jobs (one of which I almost lost because I thought I couldn’t handle it but so far, so good😁). Yaay! Going forward, I’d;

  • Be more intentional and more doing.
  • Learn new things and improve myself.
  • Stop doubting myself and try.
  • Go out there and grab every opportunity. 
  • Shamelessly promote myself and my brand.
  • Continue LIVING.
  • Never stop trusting God.  

This is so all over the place already, I just really wanted to write this as it is on my mind and here you have it. I’ll be back next year to talk about 2019 but with a different story, a very beautiful one! By God’s Grace.

Love and Light.