This past week wasn’t for me at all, I was feeling so unmotivated, struggled to “create”, I had no zeal whatsoever and I was basically stressed out. I knew I needed a break from my regular routine and away from my “normal life”. So I went on a trip to Ibadan, because you don’t have to have all the money in the world to go on a “vacation”. I digress.

Yeah, I visited Agodi gardens in Ibadan to clear my head and have a feel of nature so I thought to share my experience with you guys and “bless” you all with some of the photos from my visit.



Agodi Gardens is a place of natural beauty, calm and peace. It doubles as a park and zoological garden.


With an entrance fee of 500 Naira, you get to access into the park. Although access to some facilities may be limited. An example is the water park which is barricaded.

Fun things to do at Agodi Gardens

1. Agodi gardens hosts a number of facilities such as the water park that consists of a water slide and 3 swimming pools in varying sizes.

9EC496B1-AAD3-48DB-90DA-71757E2F6912-1569-00000159C8536A6APhoto: google

2. A children play area


3. For lovers of photos, there are so many spots to take good photos.



4. A bar/lounge


5. A very large space to enjoy a picnic and host events.


6. You don’t have worry about food, Restaurants are available for different meal options, snacks and drinks.


7. You can go on a Horse ride which costs 500 Naira (negotiable).


8. There is also a zoo in there and a tour guide to help navigate the place.

Agodi gardens is a nice place for nature enthusiasts, tourists, fun lovers and a spot to have a great time with friends and family. Oh how I love the greenery.


Unlike some of the other parks in Nigeria, Agodi gardens is well maintained. It was worth the visit.

Have you been to Agodi Gardens? What do you like about the place.