Feminism has become a very controversial topic. Different people have different opinions about the concept of feminism and so many have distorted views about it.

What really is FEMINISM? I put up a question tag on my Instagram asking people what they want to know about feminism and now I have Adenike, an avid feminist on here to answer the questions.  

Q: Welcome on board Adenike, thank you for gracing That Lagos Girl blog. It’s good to have you. How are you today?

A: I’m okay, A little tired but I’ll live.

Q: Can you please introduce yourself?

A: I’m Adenike Adesanya, a chef, chef instructor, food blogger, food photographer and food stylist, molecular biologist and geneticist, PR and communications manager RDC.  

Q: We see how passionate you are about feminism. What informed your decision on being a  feminist/When did you realize that you are feminist?

A: When I realized men get all the perks of life and women get little to nothing for no other reason than being women. A simple example is the fact that a lot of ladies can’t get into lounges/restaurants without the company of a man. Another example is my uncle trying to discourage my dad from getting me a car that I needed because “She’s a woman, it’s too much, she’ll chase away potential husband”.  

Q: The picture painted about Feminism these days is simply “Anti-Men”. What is the real meaning of feminism?     

A: The anti-men agenda stems from the fact that a lot of people don’t really understand the true meaning of Feminism. There’s bound to be loads of misconceptions about the cause but the true meaning is very simple “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of the equality of the sexes”.  

Q: Feminism is having equal rights and opportunity as men but now it’s becoming Sexism and it screams misogynism. I want to know if feminism is Egalitarianism?

A: NO!! Feminism isn’t egalitarianism. It is not the advocation for all human’s rights, its very similar to saying All lives matter when we’re talking about black lives. Men aren’t cheated, men get whatever they want. It is the fight for women’s rights as women have been at the short end of the stick from time immemorial and for somebody to wake up and say egalitarianism is or should be feminism is an insult to the cause and the women who have fought for women’s rights like voting and other things men have rights to do without any hassle.  

Q: Why tag it feminism when it’s all about equality?   

A: It is the fight for women’s rights because men already HAVE these rights. WOMEN’S rights hence the term FEMINISM  

Q: Does the concept of feminism have a spiritual basis?  

A: I don’t know anything about it being spiritual. Its just facts!

Q: Feminists always seem so defensive/angry. It’s either their way or no way. Why do they always want to force their opinions on people? Most of them do that even the so-called reasonable ones.  

A: Tbh, the ‘anger’ stems from decades of neglect and the fact that most people believe “anger” is the only way to get positive results but I don’t think that’s a way to push the agenda. It is impossible to force your views on somebody if they aren’t interested so I think the forcing you mean is basically feminists trying to explain the tenets of feminism to somebody like a woman who is most likely saying she’s not a feminist but believes in equal rights for women, that’s a contradiction and What that says about that person is that they are scared to be labelled feminist because its now a term associated with women hating men. I don’t think anything is being forced because if they were, the way you say they are, then women would have easy access to sanitary pads, all girls will be allowed to go to school.  

Q: Why does it seem like women just want to take the place of men, even without proper qualification?

A: I don’t know where or how it seems like that but I believe a person should be hired based on their qualifications, man or woman! I also believe women should be given opportunities to even present their qualifications before they are even considered unqualified for the job. I am a chef and I’ve had issues where restaurants say they don’t hire women but these same women are supposed to stay home and cook. Where is the fairness? Women don’t want to take the place of men, women just want to be given the same opportunity to work where men are deemed fit to work with the same qualifications!  

Q: Can you recommend a book or article on feminism that you think everyone should read?

A:“The Handmaid’s tale” by Margaret Atwood and “We should all be feminists” by Chimamanda Adichie.    

Q: Why should we all be feminists?

A:We should be feminists because it is unfair that a particular gender has been deemed incompetent even before given an opportunity to prove themselves. That is enough reason to be a feminist! 

Q: How do we get people to see Feminism for what it really is? What steps do we take in achieving that?  

A:Read a book! read extensively. Going through twitter or social media and reading peoples views on feminism doesn’t count as reading. Like Trevor Noah said ‘’if you add up how much you read in a year on the internet-tweets, Facebook posts, lists, you’ve read the equivalent of a shit ton of books, but in fact, you’ve read no books in a year’’. So yeah, read a book!!    

Q:Any words for those that want to be feminists but are afraid to call themselves Feminists in public?

A:Read a book, recognize the problems women are facing in the world and I bet you will embrace the feminist tag with pride and also, get involved in changing the lives of women one act at a time.  

Thanks for your time Adenike and the enlightenment.

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