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I ran a poll on my instastory asking my instafam what they check first when they open an instagram profile.  

Feed because people are mostly moved by what they see.

I check feed first. If it doesn’t appeal to me, I sometimes don’t bother with the bio or whatever the content is. You can have great content but if people are not attracted to your feed, at first sight, they would probably leave your page immediately and not bother to “hear what you have to say”.   Your feed is a visual representation of your bio so if you want people to connect with your content, engage or follow, you feed has to attract them first.   A great feed is one that is visually appealing.   Your feed can have splashes of colours here and there, it can be monochromatic, nature-themed, it doesn’t even have to be so perfect (nothing is) but whatever your choice is; colourful, plain, monochromatic, patterned, make sure it is visually appealing.


1. Choose a theme:The theme represents what your feed looks like overall, it is your visual personality. What vibe do you want your feed to have? monochrome, colourful, minimal, moody, nature-themed? Below are examples of different Instagram feed themes.   

Monochrome theme : @olaoluwa.sofowora
Nature/Tropical theme: @adventuresofanaijamom

You can also have different themes but make sure it’s well arranged and visually appealing.  

2. Colour coordination: Colourful doesn’t mean appealing, minimal/subtle doesn’t mean boring. Some feeds get so colourful, they lose their appeal. If you are a lover of colors, it’s great but make sure they align or  tone it down with plain, subtle colors or use minimal images once in a while, either on each row or every other row. It makes your feed clean and less cluttered.  

A very colorful feed with proper alignment: @juneebube

3. Use similar tones and hues: Stick to a particular tone, filter or editing style, it makes every image, though different look like they all belong. Limiting yourself to a few filters or editing style will help you stick to your chosen theme.  

Subtle tone: @dasience
Dark tone: @thattokelady

4. Good picture quality:Blurry pictures or pictures with low quality are not attractive. Some pictures are great without filters or any form of editing but where your camera resolution isn’t that high, edit and use filters where necessary.

Photos with good quality: @eniolaee

Apps for photo editing: Facetune, VSCO, Adobe Lightroom cc & HUJI: A vintage creator camera app

5. Note your angles: You don’t have to post all the selfies you take in a day on your feed. Evenly distribute them or if you have to, post 3 with different poses or angles. Posting multiple photos that are similar is a turnoff.   Notice how the pictures in the second row are taken on the same day, same outfit but posted in different angles. Isn’t it appealing?! 

Feed: @official_ladeAnother example, 2 posts with similar outfit but different pose/angle
Feed: @lifewithtwotees

6. You don’t want your feed looking cluttered or tacky: If you have more wordy posts, then make it look good. Don’t just type on your instastory and post it on your feed, it makes the feed look tacky.   

Via: @idowukukoyi

Apps you can use for that, with several templates;


7. Be organized but spontaneous: It’s okay to analyze and plan your feed but don’t be TOO calculative or analytical, you just might get overwhelmed when the pattern you want to create is too tedious and there is no content to post to make the pattern flow. Choose a simple pattern that you can flow with at any point. Notice the pattern in these feeds;

Wordy posts in the mid column: @black.kintsugi
The right column takes a different pattern here: @thatothernigeriangirl


The best way to curate a good feed is to plan and preview it before posting. There are apps that can help you arrange your posts the way you want them to look on your feed, It gives you a visual note of what your feed would look like and help you see if it aligns.

These apps include:




Last Tip: Do you already have a lot of posts on your feed and you’re thinking, “How do I start organizing at this point”? You don’t have to delete all your posts, you can start by archiving some of them by tapping the “three dots icon” on the post and click on Archive.

  Happy curating! 😉

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