Daughters Who Walk This Path by Yejide Kilanko
Published by Kachifo Limited

I got this book at the Ake Festival 2018 it was a recommendation buy and luckily for me I got the Author to sign it. This is one book I never want to lose.


Authentic, Incredible, Compelling.

Set in Ibadan, Nigeria, Daughters Who Walk This Path tells the story of a teenage girl, Morayo and her journey from childhood to adulthood.   Not only was it interesting to read, as it also addresses a lot of social issues such as stigmatization, patriarchy, incest, politics, tribalism, a major one being RAPE. It also exposes how as Africans, we try to cover it up because “let’s not destroy family ties” or “let’s not wash our dirty linen in public” without considering the physical and psychological effects it has on victims.

“Run away from the instant a stranger offers you a smile, Mummy would tell us. But no one told us that evil is found much closer to home and that those who want to harm us can have the most soothing and familiar of voices”  

It also an inspiring read as it shows the strong bond between women and how they stand up for each other parents need to do better at having conversations with their kids and allowing them to express themselves. In the case of rape, professional help should be sought where necessary, rapists need to be brought to book and be severely punished for their actions. Also, victim shaming/blaming should stop.  

I totally enjoyed reading this book. I loved the use of simple language and how each chapter opens with a quote as I had so many “hmmm” moments to the depths of words used. Oh, how I love the translation of the Yoruba adages to English.

“Truth arrives at the market but finds no buyer. It is ready with cash that people pay for lies” “The wicked one forgets kinship ties, the tormentor forgets tomorrow”

“The enemy lurks in the courtyard, the evildoer lives in the home”