Ever wondered how I came up with the name? Nothing deep, it’s simply who I am.

Fadekemi is a girl from Lagos State, Lagos Island to be precise and a proud one at that. Hence, That Lagos Girl.

Being That Lagos Girl

Switching from Phadeke to @thatlagosgirl (on Instagram) was borne out of the desire to explore my creative side and be more expressive.

I’ve always been versatile and dexterous with a strong passion for creativity but I didn’t let it out of my space. Then I got to this point in my life where there was this urge to be more!

I was made to be more and these abilities are God-given, they should be nurtured and not be hidden, the world has to see and benefit from it. What is the essence of it all, if it doesn’t serve purpose?!

Being ThatLagosGirl made me go all out, I found myself constantly seeking knowledge, my level of creativity heightened and my ability to put words together and make sense out of it.

It’s safe to say that, Thatlagosgirl is Fadekemi that is so much more, same Fadekemi with the extra sauce. Haha!

Lover of Life, People, Books and Photography

I became more aware of my love for life and people. So, through my Instagram, I began to share relatable day to day experience, to showcase the beauty in this imperfect but beautiful life and make sense out of “nonsense”. It became an avenue to express my thoughts, share my knowledge and also learn (To know and to grow, learning has no end).

I’ve always been a book lover but then I moved from just reading books to talking about them, looking out for other book lovers, reading book reviews and writing mini-reviews myself alongside taking dope book photographs. It’s really amazing how this inspired people to read.

Overall, the reception on Instagram was amazing.

That Lagos Girl Blog

I honestly didn’t see myself blogging, it wasn’t even on my radar till I started getting messages from people telling me how inspired they are by my posts and how I write, some of them suggested starting a blog.

I remember how Anny would keep asking me when I’m starting my blog but I didn’t even see myself as a blogger and I thought about a thousand and one reasons why I can’t be one.

Though I got a good response from my Instagram and messages that encouraged me to do more, I thought blogging would be taking it too far. Also, I like to do things that I’m convinced about and at my own time. So at the time, I was okay with Instagram and that was it.

How I Started

After writing a caption for a post one day, I read it again and was “wowed” myself so I thought, why not give this blogging thing a shot. I started but all I did at first was write and publish, I didn’t tell anyone about it.

The messages I kept getting about starting a blog and a particular random message that Anny sent to me concerning it inspired me to put it out there and here we are.

I don’t have the best writing skills (yet) but it can only get better. I’m also working on being more consistent so I have just recently revamped my blog. Did you notice? I hope you like it😁.

One thing that keeps me going is the fact that you guys take time to come here, read my posts and drop comments. You inspire me and I’m grateful.

So far so good. It’s been fun, fulfilling and I’m thrilled to keep sharing my thoughts, lifestyle and passions with you. Life is imperfect, it has it’s ups and downs and different people go through different things at different times but it really is beautiful. I hope you stay inspired to create a beautiful life around you as well.

Thanks for following.



P.S. It’s my 28th birthday on the 18th. Yaay! I have no plans but I’m so excited and I’m grateful for life.

I have a birthday wish list, please indulge me

  1. Read my posts
  2. Follow my blog/subscribe to get notifications
  3. Follow me on Instagram, see what I’m all about and recommend me to brands that would need my services.
  4. Give me a shoutout on your social media
  5. Get me a Cassie Daves Blog Planner
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  7. Update my Scribd subscription
  8. Thoughtful gifts, little things excite me.
  9. I need a new phone also, one with great camera quality. 😊
  10. Incase you don’t want to go through the stress, turn your gifts to cash. Haha😂

Thank you ❤️