Lifestyle & A Little Bit of Everything


Hi, I’m Fadékémi Kosoko. Welcome to my page, judging from my URL you should already know I’m a proud Lagos Island Babe. There are a lot of things to know about me, so I’ll give you a brief rundown.

I’m a great lover of life, not because it is perfect but with all the imperfections it’s beautiful regardless, because of this I dabble in many facets of life.

I’m a pharmacist, creative lifestyle & book blogger (a huge book lover), content creator, brand influencer and fashion designer who creates ready to wear female apparel, you can check it out by clicking Fadé Fashion House and lastly I take flat lay pictures and post them over on Instagram @flatlaysonly.

Reading gives me so much joy, I’ve learnt a lot from books, I’ve been transformed so many times by books but above all, it keeps healing me from my ignorance.

Though I have a very small circle, I’m a lover of people and I value friendship. It’s so beautiful how people can relate regardless of their background, location, experiences even when they disagree on some issues.

I also really love art and random photography. Art/beauty is everywhere and in everything, if only we can open our mind to “see” it.

On this website, expect to find a lit bit of everything, as I share my relatable day to day experiences and lifestyle as I talk about seemingly little things of life as I see beauty everywhere and in everything; general tips, guest features, books I read and things as well as the various kinds of people I encounter and so many more things, when it comes to That Lagos Girl, the sky is not only the limit. So if you know, you know. 

Bye for now.